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Construction Chemicals

Owens Supply is proud to offer a line of private labeled chemicals from the SurfKote Company. Surface Koatings, Inc. is an independently owned and operated professional concrete coatings manufacturing company that was formed in 2000. They have a fully trained and knowledgeable staff that offers excellent technical and customer support.


S-400 is an environmentally friendly, VOC free, sodium silicate concrete floor densifier, hardener, and sealer which works by reacting with the free lime in the concrete. Densifier S-400 is designed to pene-trate and protect the surface by reducing porosity and dusting to improve abrasion resistance and hardness. The finished concrete surface is breathable and easier to maintain since it does not wear or peel away.


is a water soluble liquid specially formulated to slow the set of surface mortar of fresh concrete to expose the aggregates in freshly placed concrete surfaces. Aggresol-S is green in color to allow for easy identification of applied areas and to ensure appropriate uniform coverage.  Aggresol-S should be used to acheive architectural color, texture, and appearance without mechanical means such as sandblasting.

Stamp Gloss Seal:

 “Xtreme Gloss” is an ultra high gloss, fast drying, non-yellowing, pure acrylic concrete sealer designed for decorative concrete. Stamp Seal “Xtreme Gloss” offers improved resistance to rain, the sun, freezing temperatures, stains, and other pollutants that sometimes can be hazardous to concrete.

Applying Stamp Seal “Xtreme Gloss” to exposed aggregate will also help to eliminate loose pebbles and prema-ture wear.

Surfblock SB

12 600 VOC is a 12% active solvent-based siloxane/silanewater repellent and impregnating agent for porous masonry surfaces such as concrete, block, brick, and unglazed tile. Surfblock SB 12 – 600 VOC will penetrate and chemicallybond deep within the substrate to provide long lastingprotection against deterioration or staining due to water conditions. Surfblock SB 12 – 600 VOC will not impair the natural breathing characteristics of treated substrates, nor will it produce a film. Surfblock SB 12 600 VOC will help concrete and masonry surfaces to resist common issues such as cracking, efflorescence, spalling, staining, and other damages caused by intrusion of water. It also helps protectthe surface from damaging effects of water intrusion, acid rain, deicing chemicals and freeze/thaw exposure.

Finishing Aid:

Finishing Aid is a mono-molecular liquid specially formulated to reduce surface moisture evaporation in adverse conditions. Finishing Aid is light green in color to allow for easy identification of applied areas and to ensure appropriate uniform coverage.

Virtually eliminates the need to add extra water to compensate for rapid evaporation during the finishing process that can cause wind crusting, plastic shrinkage cracking, and poor surface texture.

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