Sterling Wheel Barrow


$206.00 $189.00

Sterling durability starts with using heavy gauge steel. Trays of 16 gauge steel are cut, formed and folded to produce a double lapped thickness, multi spot welded, at rim and body sides where competitive units often first deform. Rim is further reinforced with continuous 5/16″ rod. Competitive trays using thinner gauge, further weakened by the deep drawing process, cannot be compared with Sterling. One piece welded 10 gauge U-channel leg unit fits into routed wood handles. V-shaped front tray braces plus under tray support plate add to overall unit durability.


Wheelbarrow Options:

Trays: 600 (6.0 c.u.ft) or 700 (7.0 c.u.ft) Far forward tray position for easier lifting, transport and discharge under load.
Wheels: Single or Dual Tires. Pneumatic Tires, Flat Free Tires, Knobby Tread Tires Self-lube, ball or roller bearings.
Handles: Standard Wood or Steel

Leg:One piece all-welded leg assembly key seated to routed hardwood or heavy duty steel frame.

Wheel Guard:¼" steel wheel guard